View Full Version : Internet Explorer is driving me crazy! float:left problem

mike jongbloet
06-02-2007, 11:09 PM
Hi there.

I am in the middle of creating a website. Actually I'm near the end of creating a website but I've just found a glitch which I have been trying to solve for the past 2 hours with no success!!!

Basically I have an image which is floated left and text which is supposed to wrap around the image on the right of it.

In Firefox it renders perfectly but in IE the text is below the imgae with a huge gaping space to the right of the image!

I thought you guys might be able to help as you've always managed before!

CSS code for the two elements in question...

#intro { margin-left: 20px;
margin-left: 10px;

/* <class> Styles */

.maindaisy { float:left;
margin: 5px;
margin-right: 14px;

HTML Code for the elements in questioin

<p><img src="images/main_daisy.jpg" width="269" height="181" alt="Daisy" class="maindaisy" /></p>
<div id="intro">
<p>1840::dsgn is a modern design company aiming to bring new life to your company.</p>
<p>The services we offer include:<br />
Website Design :: Brochure Design :: Flyer Design :: Photo Retouching ::
Logo Design :: Company Identity :: CD Media :: Sticker/Decal Design :: T-Shirt Design :: Badge Design :: </p>
<p>If you have any other needs and think we may be able to help, feel free to contact us with your requests.</p>

If you need to see any more of the code please visit the site 1840::dsgn (http://www.1840dsgn.co.uk).

Also while your there please give me feedback! I know the portfolio page isn't uploaded yet so ignore that!

Cheers everyone.


mike jongbloet
06-02-2007, 11:35 PM
Ok...I've found a quick fix by just messing around with the code.

I've taken out the <p> tag around the image...really don't know why I put that there anyway!

Also removed the div id="intro"

and replaced all <p> tags with <br /><br /> in the intro paragraph...

it works but seems messy to me.

If there is a better solution I'd love to know.