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05-31-2007, 09:44 PM
Hi everyone, I have coded an online browser based game that works perfectly fine.

I have only been coding for about 5 months so i am not that great but decent enough i suppose :P

However i am having a problem. Nothing with the game or anything. Its how the page is viewed in Web Tv.

Im not sure if anyone can help me but if someone could that would be great.

I have a few users who use WebTv. The only problem they really have is that the tables in my main game and forums are too big so the cannot see the full thing. I am not sure if this is a css/php/ anything else problem so i posted it here.

The page for them basically looks like

| Gold: 123 | Iron: 123 | Food: 123 | O || (Supposed to be offense: 123 and networth 123)
| Lumber:123| Spy: 123 | Mage: 123 | D || (Supposed to be defense: 123 and land 123)
And so one, however there are supposed to be 2 more columns there. And as webtv cannot scroll left or right it will not show.

Not sure if there is a way to fix this for webtv users in the css code or php code but it would be helpful. I do not want the table size changed for everyone else just them.

So im asking if theres a way i can detect the browser , then if it is webtv dislay the tables smaller.

Anyone ?

Thanks in advance.