View Full Version : CSS Footer Note Positioning in IE

05-29-2007, 11:30 AM
my code to position Footer Notes is working fine in FireFox, but in IE it doesn't work 100%. Please guide me how can I fix the prob in IE. I've 2 different CSS files for IE & FF. Please help (its very urgent)
Here is the page structure & below this structure I also gave both CSS files's code...

<div id="wrap">
<div id="contents">Page contents</div>
<div id="cp">Copyright Notes</div>

CSS for FF...

html {height:100%;}
body{height:96%;font:12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}
* {margin:0;padding:0;}
#wrap {min-height:100%;margin:0 auto;padding:0px;text-align:left;}
* html #wrap {height:100%;}
#content {margin: 0 0 0 160px;}
#cp {margin:auto auto 0 auto;text-align:center;height:26px;padding-top:8px;background: url(images/cp_bg.gif) repeat-x top left;}

CSS for IE...

/*html {height:100%;}*/
body{height:82%;font:12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}
/** {margin:0 auto 0 auto;padding:0;}*/
#wrap {padding:0px;text-align:left;}
/** html #wrap {height:100%;}*/
#content {position:absolute;float:left;margin-left:10px;width:87.3%;}
#cp {margin:1% auto 0 auto;text-align:center;height:26px;padding-top:8px;background:url(images/cp_bg.gif) repeat-x;}