View Full Version : CSS Drop shadow help

May 27th, 2007, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm developing a website for my company and I'm using a lot of new techniques to make the whole thing look kick ***. However, CSS drop shadows are perplexing me somewhat.

I have applied CSS fuzzy drop shadows a la "a list apart" but they now don't want to center my image. Take a look at http://beta.steel-software.com

If I apply a <div align="center"> to it, nothing happens
If i remove the float:lefts from the CSS, the shadows break
The page is liquid layout and having margin-left: 40% produces different results in FF compared to Opera/Safari
I would also want to be using different images for that section, loaded in from a db, not all of them will be the same width, so a margin-left: 300px won't do either.

I'd love any help you can give me.

Many thanks