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May 20th, 2007, 11:20 AM
Hi there,

I am trying to learn HTML. I brought HTML 4 For Dummies and I decided to write out a schedule for learning HTML. This is what im going to do:

Everyday read 3 pages of HTML Book.
Weekends = 3 pages of an online site that teaches you HTML.

Now I plan to read each page of the online site twice and read each page of the book twice aswell. I really want to learn HTML and wanted to knwo if you think doing this will teach me it well?

May 20th, 2007, 03:40 PM
HmÖ Reading books and learning the theory is good but itís just half the rent. My experience is that you learn best if you have some kind of goal, for example an actual website you wanna create (a design you wanna convert into a working website).

Also Iím not sure how HTML for Dummies is written (and whatís written in there) but Iím suspicious that it will kind of neglect important parts of website development such as semantic code (http://brainstormsandraves.com/articles/semantics/structure/) and separating structure (HTML (http://htmldog.com/)) from style/presentation (CSS (http://htmldog.com/guides/cssbeginner/)).

I learned the basic things in a semester at the university (I didnít study anything related to computer science or media) and the rest I learned by looking at professional websites and Google became my best friend whenever I stumbled across a new element or CSS property, or when I needed to know some things.

And also Iíve learned from mistakes that people were making and posting about here. :D

But of course, learning isnít the only part. It needs time and practice (as canned as it may sound). You need actual websites to work on. Learning by doing is still the best practice.

Good luck.

May 20th, 2007, 03:50 PM
When I first started to use HTML, it was for a school project, and I bought HTML 4 for Dummies too. It is, as VIPStephan says, missing some vital parts of site building. It also happens to be pretty old, and many newer things are skipped. Things like fixed positioning that had no browser support at the time are completely ignored.

All in all, the web is an infinitely better resource, in my opinion.