View Full Version : Need RSS - Javascript / html script that includes images

05-17-2007, 05:51 PM
Hi there, I'm trying to get add an rss feed to my site that includes just a linked title and image, but i'm having trouble finding something suitable.

Firstly, the feed I want to use is this:


from Webshots, and they detail the feed along with a custom javascript option here:


but as you can see, their javascript feed looks terrible in horizontal mode when the feed gets too long (it uses a load of <td> tags containing each link without moving stuff on to a seperate row when it gets too long for a page).

Basically all I want is the stuff to move on to a new line when it reaches the end of the page, but as webshot's own javascript thing wont do that i've had to look elsewhere.

But my problem is that all i can find either gives me just text links and no images ( feed2js.org ) or far too much information to look good ( see http://www.scriptol.com/rss/rss-display.php with the original feed ). And I can't find an online script that'll show something more like the original webshots javascript feed or how to modify something to get it doing that.

Can anyone help me figure out what to do?