View Full Version : Converting C4d File To 3ds, i am trying to convert this file to a studio max 7 file..

05-14-2007, 01:02 PM
Hi Guys, I am after some help, i have been given a C4D file that i need to convert to a studio max 7 file...

I have tried all i can do this but havn't managed it, i have downloaded CIMEMA 4d trial BUT the export option is not available and i have been trying to find a convertor with no luck.. i have wasted my day trying to do this..

if anyone could convert the file for me and post it back on the forum or email it to me that would be so so so good,, my email is chris@globalwebcity.com..

many many thanks.. if you could help.. this has been driving me crazy

here is the link to the file...


thank you.. chris