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05-06-2007, 03:37 PM
I am attempting to modify a skin over on RunBoard.com and am having trouble getting the button and text to center properly in the following code snippet:

.topiclistpostnewtopic a {font-size:12px;font-family:verdana,tahoma;background-color:#000;background-image:url(http://img.runboard.com/img/layouts/defj_1/button.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;border-color:#ffff00;letter-spacing:1px;padding:11px;padding-left:15px;padding-right:15px;}
.postlistaddareply a {font-size:12px;font-family:verdana,tahoma;background-color:#000;background-image:url(http://img.runboard.com/img/layouts/defj_1/button.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;border-color:#ffff00;letter-spacing:1px;padding:11px;padding-left:30px;padding-right:30px;}
.ak_msgform_reply_added_table {border-collapse: collapse; border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;font-size: 18px; font-weight: 700; text-align:center; margin 0 auto;width: 90%}
.ak_msgform_reply_added_td {text-align:center;margin: 0 auto;float:left;font-size:12px;font-family:verdana,tahoma;background-color:#000;background-image:url(http://img.runboard.com/img/layouts/defj_1/button.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;border-color:#ffff00;letter-spacing:1px;padding:11px;padding-left:20px;padding-right:30px;}

The first two classes are behaving correctly, the third class is there because it seems to be related somehow to the fourth class which is not behaving properly (the float:left declaration is a stopgap measure since the board is already in use).

For some reason unless I have either float:left or float:right in the code the button graphic appears on the left side of the screen and the text is where it should be (ie: centered)... I am at a loss... does anyone have any ideas on how to tame the fourth class so it will behave like the first two classes?

The board itself is: http://com2.runboard.com/bdesignelements but please bear in mind that I can only change/modify the existing "default CSS" from the comment /* ENERGY NON-STANDARD CSS CLASSES - STARTING MODIFICATIONS */ down...

05-06-2007, 07:35 PM
Hmm... I cannot find the buttons you are talking about. Where are the elements?

05-06-2007, 09:32 PM

There is only one button image located here: http://img.runboard.com/img/layouts/defj_1/button.gif

What I am doing is placing the appropriate text on the button image and as I said, this is working correctly for the first two classes but I can not seem to figure out why it doesn't work for the final class...