View Full Version : noob(free help)

04-24-2007, 01:01 AM
First off I know that the forum rules said no free help, but I'm not asking for it, I'm offering it(didn't know where else to post). I am (very)new to web design, though I do have some basic knowledge. I have limited time as well, since it's my first year of high school, and I have a job to attend to. Other than that I'm offering free help with what ever I can do for anyone in exchange for them helping me me get more experience in web design. I also do not have the ability to obtain any expensive items, so please don't except this deal expecting me to be working with dreamweaver, adobephoto/flash, etc.
P.S. Or if another noob wanted, I could work with them as we could help each other on aspects that we can not comprehend as well.

Best of regards,