View Full Version : upload & insert excel file into a database table using asp

04-17-2007, 12:10 PM
Hi Coders,

i have a asp application for our intranet use. a requirement has to be integrated into the application ..such as to upload & insert a excel file into a database table to do a compare search between 2 tables ..

Table 1 in database contains a master list of filenumbers. i have to compare a list of filenumbers in table 2 with table 1 list and generate a list of non matching filenumbers. Presently this comparisn is directly done on the database query. This task has to be delegated to another department

the present requirement is like this--user has to upload a excel file with a list of filenumbers into table 2 and have a link to do the compare with table 1 of database.

somebody please help me with some links/articles to accomplish my requirement..

Thanks for any suggestions provided..