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04-16-2007, 11:35 PM
Dear All,
Go easy on me, i'm new to javascript and as a project for uni i'm making a jukebox using an array for an album, however when i run it it does not display the items within my array even tho i use a document.writeline function.

<script type="text/javascript">

function new_song(sN, fN){

this.songName = sN;

this.fileName = fN;


var album1 = new Array(5);

album1[0] = new new_song("I Will remember", "albertlucj/iwillremember.wav");

album1[1] = new new_song("Life Has Begun","albertluck/lifehasbegun.mp3 ");

album1[2] = new new_song("Valentine", "albertluck/Valentine.mp3");

album1[3] = new new_song("Time of Your Life", "albertluck/timeofyourlife.mp3");

album1[4] = new new_song("Yesterday", "albertluck/yesterday.mp3");

/*Repeat chunk for new album*/

function checkPlay(){

var ppb = document.getElementById("ppbutton");

if(ppb.value != 'Play'){

ppb.value = 'Play'



function playpause(){

var songCurrent = document.getElementById("playerOb");

var ppb = document.getElementById("ppbutton");

if(ppb.value == 'Play'){


ppb.value = 'Pause';

} else{


ppb.value = 'Play';



function stopSong(){

var songCurrent = document.getElementById("playerOb");




function playSong(aN,sN){


var songLoc;


case 1: songLoc = album1[sN]; break;

case 2: songLoc = album2[sN]; break;

case 3: songLoc = album3[sN]; break;


var songName = songLoc.songName;

var fileName = songLoc.fileName;

var writeTest = document.getElementById("testwrite");

writeTest.firstChild.nodeValue = "fileName: "+fileName+" \n";

/*Write in the song name*/

var writeName = document.getElementById("songNameH");

writeName.firstChild.nodeValue = "Name: "+songNameH+" \n";

/*add the song to be played*/

var playelem = document.getElementById("playerDiv");

playelem.innerHTML = '<object id="playerOb" width="0" height="0" classid="CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6">'

+'<param name="autoStart" value="false">'

+'<param name="URL" value="'+fileName+'">'



function song(num){

var elem = document.getElementById("testwrite");

elem.firstChild.nodeValue = "Num value = "+num+".";


function loader(num){





<div id="body">

<div id="content">

<div id="header" class="width100">

JukeBox V1.0


<div id="column1" class="floatleft width25">

<div class="group">

<div id="groupname" onclick="Effect.toggle('album1','slide')">

Albert Luck


<div id="album1" style="display:none;">

<a href="#" onclick="playSong(1,0)">I will Remember</a><br />

<a href="#" onclick="playSong(1,1)">Life Has Begun</a><br />

<a href="#" onclick="playSong(1,2)">Valentine</a><br />

<a href="#" onclick="playSong(1,3)">Time of Your Life</a><br />

<a href="#" onclick="playSong(1,4)">Yesterday</a><br />



<div id="column2" class="floatright width73">

<div id="testwrite">fileName:</div>

<div id="songNameH">Name:</div>

<div id="playerDiv">


<br />

<input type="button" value="Play" onclick="playpause()" id="ppbutton" />

<input type="button" value="Stop" onclick="stopSong()" />






04-17-2007, 09:24 PM
I'm trying to do something along those lines. I need help to