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Toby B.
04-16-2007, 02:56 AM
I am trying to revive a site that went offline a while ago. I got the majotiry of the code via the wayback machine on www.archive.org. The problem I am encountering is there is a Search function on this site that is cgi (and of coarse I cannot get hold of the cgi code not recreate it as I have no clue about CGI.). My thought is to revamp things using php/mysql, BUT I dont know enough to get to the end result I want/need.

Overview of the project. This site deals with identifyiing motherboards. There is a page that has several drop-down boxes to breakdown the search criteria, and when you hit search the (old cgi code) results are shown.

Search Start Page (with the dropdowns):

Full results page (actual results would be broken down via the selected criteria though):

The extent of my knowledge MySQL is installing MODS for phpBB.

So the problem is two-fold I want the page to work, but don't posess the knowledge of cgi scripting or the indepth knowleged of PHP/MySQL. I do some php coding and getting mediocre with it but nothing that touches a database other then these MODS for phpBB.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated...

Anime's Tome
04-29-2007, 04:48 AM
Hmmm... Lemme review this... It'd be as simple as making a database and making entries for each of the categories, then use a master category, say, the model, to pull up the results and then simply structure the results in a readable fashion.

Thing is, you'll have to build it by hand. (The database)