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04-05-2007, 02:38 PM
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Hi guys! I need help with my final year project for university. Im from the UK. I study Computer Science (BSc Hons). I have got my final year project of my mate who has completed this course a couple of years ago but it has some errors on it which i cannot solve. I am not a great programmer at all! infact i hate programming which is why i need your help. I have completed all my paperwork but i just cant get the program to work. I have exactly three weeks left for the deadline. i will sincerley appreciateyour time and help. Thanx guys!


04-05-2007, 04:40 PM
...let me get this straight. You're doing a degree in Computer Science but you cant program because you hate it and you're already plagerising your friend's work but his program doesnt work so now you want us to fix it?


04-05-2007, 04:53 PM
If today was April fools day, I could understand seeing a request like this, but it is not.

Get serious, the purpose of school assignments are to demonstrate to your instructor the quality of the work you are capable of, your ability to research your assignment, your ability to define goals and complete the work necessary to achieve those goals.

This is from the Forum rules here -

1.5) No homework assignments - Do not post your entire homework assignment and request that other members do it for you. This is considered cheating, and your thread may even be used by your school to prove your guilt. Now, you may ask for advice or help on a specific aspect of your assignment that you're having trouble with. Use common sense as far as what's acceptable in terms of soliciting help with homework assignments. Short answer - we won't help you cheat, nor will we do your assignment for you.

Edit: At least the title of the thread meets the forum guidelines.