View Full Version : please help!! Cursor focus getting lost in IE

Apr 4th, 2007, 12:05 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have a form designed with a table and the table is inside a <div> (Required. Can’t get rid of it). The div has style “height: 100% and scrollable: auto”.

The issue: In IE, let say, the form is bit longer and overflowed the page so the div has got vertical scroll bar. Now I am inserting data in the form.

Inserted the 1st data and press tab to next input and insert the 2nd data.
Now my cursor is in 2nd input type.
Now I would like to see how many data I have to insert and I have drag the scroll bar with mouse and went down and dragged up again to the top to continue inserting data.

Expectation: The cursor should be there where I kept it (i.e. 2nd input type!!)! I can insert/modify the data in 2nd input type or I will press tab to go to the next input and insert the 3rd data in it!! Right!!

But Strange!! :rolleyes: The cursor has been lost from that place. By pressing tab I moved to the top of the page or to the 1st input type.

It’s working as par the expectation in Firefox (for a change:) ).

Observation: while inserting data in any input type, at the time I click on the scroll bar to drag it, the curser getting lost from the input type in IE. But it remains with the input type in Firefox (As expected).
I have noticed 1 thing. It behaves like that way in IE (All versions) if I play with the height any way of the above mentioned “div”. But I have to mention the div height to get auto scroll.

Friends!! :rolleyes: It will become a huge accessibility issue for me. Pleeeeeeease help.