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04-04-2007, 09:32 AM
hi everyone,
am new to web development and programing in general. i need help with a site am building from any kind hearted person.

here goes:
1. get input from users in the form of text.
2. save the text to a file.
3. display the text from the file in the form of a ticker(text scroll).

i want the program to display head line type of text in a ticker. the user should be able to submit there text which in turn will be displayed along other messages(text).

for example user1 submits the following "ck call you mum..."
and user2 submits the following "i will thks"

the program should display both messages in a text ticker.

i hope this has explained what i want to do. if you have any questions you may send me an email at chalwa2006@gmail.com

kind regards