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04-03-2007, 07:32 PM
Here' a Little Mystery,

In latter stages of development on a SugarCRM based Home Inspections app
(deployed independently on numerous Tablet_XP/WAMP stacks) recent updates
have left the system on one of the Tablets failing to Generate our 'contract.pdf'
This is a feature that has otherwise been functional for 6 months plus.

The curious thing is that a carbon copy of the app functions beautifully on an 'identical' sister Tablet.

Caveats / Known Subject System Discrepancies:
For two Toshiba tablets purchased, shipped and 'programmed' simultaneously
I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the quirky differences between the two.

Subjects Run:
'Carbon Copies' of the Same wamp stack, Customized Sugar CRM app, Table Structure AND Data. (by import)

Tablet A: Generates PDFs.
Tablet B: Does Not.

Tablet A: Arrived from Toshiba loaded with ADOBE Reader 7.0 - (NO recollection of having updated this)
Tablet B: Arrived from Toshiba loaded with Acrobat Reader 5x

In the course of recent and sizable updates to the CRM app, we also upgraded
Tablet B: to ADOBE Reader 8 in order to gain Send/Mailto functionality not featured
in Acrobat Reader 5x. As yet, I have little reason to suspect that this is the
source of the problem, however after copying and pasting the entire
wamp/www folder from Tablet A, to Tablet B and finding that PDF generation
continues to fail... My suspicions grow.

Still should ADOBE prove NOT to be the problem... What then?
Drop and rebuild the server? DataBase? Data?

As for the Data, it is largely the same (user tables/system settings notwithstanding) synchronized
via SQLyog, however there may well be subtle differences in table structure (indexes... ?), but I don't
believe the PDF scripts to be all THAT critically dependant on data from the database.

Seems like -- worst case scenario -- a contract.pdf might get created with empty data fields
(first_name, last_name, billing_address...) but the rest is just html_write from SavePDF.php.

Otherwise, perhaps something to do with Apache??
Ahh... The plot thickens -- as we learn that the Apache server on Tablet A: (the one that works)
throws errors every time it is shut down from wamp admin utility, and the mysql server is comparatively DOG SLOW,
WHILE the wamp stack on Tablet B: NEVER throws an error, and is comparatively LIGHTNING FAST:eek: :eek: :eek:

ANY Input would be warmly welcomed.

04-03-2007, 08:48 PM
I would assume that the code used to create the PDF does not use Adobe at all, so I wouldn't consider the version of Adobe Acrobat a prime suspect (but keep an eye on it none the less).

Sounds like an odd problem.

Have you compared to a third tablet? See if other tablets have the same versions.

What about a reinstall?

I would think you'd have an image with all applications configured for quick deployment. A quick cleanup should fix the issue, I'd think.