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04-03-2007, 03:47 PM
I found a user on my computer when I tried to shut it down - ASP.net. I freaked out as I thought that someone had created a new user on my computer and had hacked into my hard drive. I deleted the account right away - fearing the worst...
Please excuse my ignorance - I am not familiar with ASP.net at all. I have a few questions:

1. Do I need to have ASP.Net on my computer.
2. If so should I restore my computer back so I have it again.
3. What does ASP.Net do - is it necessary for my computer to run and for me to run allor some of my programs?
4. If I do restore it and its there again and when I try to shut down my computer and I get the message that another user is using the computer, should I wait or is it safe to shut it down?

Thank you for your assistance with this.

04-03-2007, 03:57 PM
this user (aspnet) is the user under which the asp.net worker process runs. This is only neccesary if you are running a webserver where you are hosting asp.net pages. If that is not the case, there is no use for that account, but it is save to leave it. It can always be recreated with the command:

%systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe /i

the version part in this command might differ from your machine

04-03-2007, 04:04 PM
No I am not hosting any web pages. So I will leave it off my machine.
Thank you.


04-03-2007, 04:10 PM
This is only neccesary if you are running a webserver where you are hosting asp.net pages.

This isn't entirely true. The ASP.NET account is used to impersonate the user making the request to the ASP.NET page. When a server, using MS IIS, ASP.NET, and Integrated Windows Authority, needs to access security and account information in regards to the current user, then it uses the ASP.NET account for user impersonation. This provides the server with your credentials without installing new software.

It is safe, secure, and OK to leave on your box.

If you would like more information on ASP.NET impersonation and ASP.NET user account security, please go to:


Since this is the MSDN site from MS, there may be more technical details that you don't need or want to know.


04-03-2007, 04:33 PM
I already deleted it, should I restore my computer back to the time when it was there again? Is it necessary for the safe running and support on my computer? I'm confused.:confused:

04-03-2007, 06:12 PM
At work, we do not allow the account on any machine that is not running a web server. We still use Integrated security just fine as far as I can tell, but users are prompted to enter their login info.

Edit: your other thread you mentioned you were using ASP.NET. The install probably created the account. No need to panic. I don't think you need the account, either, unless you were planning on running the .net web apps on your pc.

04-03-2007, 06:14 PM
It is not necessary to restore it unless you know that you are going to an ASP.NET site that requires Integrated Windows Authentication (i.e., if you are on an intranet or a company computer).

If this is your computer at home, then you can be assured that you don't need it.

However, that being said, next time that you run a .NET update (like the new 3.0 or any .NET updates from MS), the account will be recreated automatically for you.

It is not required for the safe operation / support of your computer.

04-03-2007, 09:21 PM
:) Thank you so for your quick reply. You have put my mind at ease and helped me to understand what it is.
Again Thank you