View Full Version : Mmorpg Glitch

04-03-2007, 02:26 AM
ok im in this new mmorpg game similar to stargatewars... anyways i really like this game but theres 3 problems 2 glitches and a feature admin cant figure out how to add amdins coder quit but i really like the game i was wondering if any gamers who know the codes could just give it to are gamming community.. were missing the code for sabatoging which is important for war in the game other wise when war breaks out every one will go pure strike and the game will blow.. thats the big one second are just minor glitches.. the one is when some body trys to destroy some bodies def it doesnt matter how much strike power or def power either person has meaning the biggest noob can take out the most powerful player (which is me) :confused: and ok the last glitch is the motherships arent working right... when some body with a weaker mothership attacks... yr normal deff weapons still get dammaged... so if any one who codes these kind of games could help us out id really greatly appreciate it, its a fun game but looks like theres gonna be war in it so these things are reallly important to b fixed..