View Full Version : General question about the building of a property website

04-01-2007, 12:40 PM
i need to build a searchable website that lets people and agents list property (real estate) to buy, sell and rent. I also want the service to be worldwide capable so that users can search properties in specific countries i.e holiday homes to rent or buy etc. like rightmove dot co dot uk

plus i want to be able to provide searchable whitelabel versions of the above to house on other partner websites and on these partner websites i want users to have the ability to open an account if they want list property that updates at the 'mother' database.

question 1: bearing in mind what i want to do and the whitelabel functionality, is there something out of the box i can buy? (i cannot find any)

question 2: what sort of tech should i use to feed up-to-date whitelabel content to partner websites? rss, xml etc?

question 3: is it possible to make the main website in such away that an agent can upload a whole batch of properties? (meta search and scrappers i am not sure if they are appropiate)

(i will out source if anyone is interested and post in the appropiate section)

i have bookmarked sites that do this. but i have been asked to build this for a client. client may also want a similar service for boats, cars and jobs.

04-02-2007, 10:05 AM
found a solution here geodesicsolutions dot com

looks like what i am looking for. any feedback appreciated.