View Full Version : Inserting Wordpress into existing layout

Mar 27th, 2007, 03:50 AM
Hi again guys. I've installed Wordpress on my server (http://mattknows.com) and I'm wanting it to be accessible from withing my current layout which has links for other pages in my site, specifically, when someone clicks on Blog from the nav menu. My question, what is the best way to intergrate it? A frame is certainly not what I want, I don't think, but I don't know. Can someone give me at least just a direction in the way I should go? I could probably figure out some of the particulars, such as applying my CSS styles to the wordpress layout...I think.

Thanks for any pointers.

Mar 27th, 2007, 10:30 AM
You could go either way: WordPress offers ways to integrate a fixed home page and other "static" (they're still dynamic, but appear static) pages, or you could maintain the blogging section as a separate entity within your current site as it is now.

In both cases you'll need to adapt your current design to be incorporated into a new, private WordPress theme; you could take an existing theme as the basis and adapt it to your taste. Much information can be found in the WordPress codex.