View Full Version : Need help getting php cookie class to save jigsaw puzzle data

03-14-2007, 06:42 PM
I got a php class file to help me save cookie data for a jigsaw puzzle game, but am unsure how to get everything to work.
What I need to do is save the jigsaw puzzle game exactly how the user left it so they can come back and finish the game later.
The problem is that when I go back to the page, it gives me a brand new game.

The txt version of GAME php file with OLD cookie I tried using:

PHP link 1 (http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/puzzlers/jponline/php.txt)

The are the Cookie class PHP files:

Cookie Object PHP file (http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/puzzlers/jponline/nsjp/cookieobjectsPHP.txt)

Send Data php file (http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/puzzlers/jponline/nsjp/s.txt)

View Dad php file (http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/puzzlers/jponline/nsjp/v.txt)

Get Data php file (http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/puzzlers/jponline/nsjp/g.txt)

Thanks! :D