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03-13-2007, 03:03 AM
Hi all,

Am very new to PHP so please bear with me... I have a MySQL database which has members in it, I have a column called 'MemberApproved', which has these values A, D, H, N, P and R... Which stand for:

A = Approved
D = Deleted
H = On Hold
P = Pending
R = Rejected

The 'N' I am very confused about as I didn't design the DB... Anyway I want to create a PHP page which looks like the attached image, and from there I want to make the 'Amount' and also the 'Approval' a link so you can click on that and it shows all the members on a nother page which are Approved etc. In that list I would like to show FirstName, LastName, State, loginDateTime. I would also on that page like to have an 'edit' link and a 'delete' link. If the user clicks the edit link would be simple just a drop down list with the Approved, Deleted, On Hold, Pending, Rejected and that can be saved and updated...

As I said I am very new to PHP so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all in advance!

03-13-2007, 03:13 AM
if your using dreamweaver then you can use the mysql connect then login scripts built in then use accses level for the login in dreamweaver. if you don't have dreamweaver you can get a trial of it fo 30 days at www.adobe.com!