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03-12-2007, 09:36 AM
Hi everybody!
I have the following problem : In my form the different kind of language will show up depending on the chosen country. In the Access Data Base I should have one field named LevelOfExpertise. So my problem is that here I use two variables with id's LevelOfEnglish and LevelOfFrench. So I want in the data base into the field LevelOfExpertise to be send only the values of the level with no importance of the type of language.
I hope that I am clear with the question :confused:

Thanks a lot

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" >
function var langbox = document.formTwo.LevelOfEnglish;
var frabox = document.formTwo.LevelOfFrench;
setOptions(chosen) {

if (chosen == 6 || chosen == 9){
}else document.getElementById('LevelOfEnglish').style.display='none';

if (chosen == 6 || chosen == 9){
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('Beginner','1');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('Elementary','2');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('High Elementary','3');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('Intermediate ','4 ');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('High Intermediate','5');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('Advanced ','6');
langbox.options[langbox.options.length] = new Option('High Advanced','7');
if (chosen == 2){
}else document.getElementById('LevelOfFrench').style.display='none';

if (chosen == 2){
frabox.options[frabox.options.length] = new Option('Total Beginner ','1');
frabox.options[frabox.options.length] = new Option('Elementary','2');
frabox.options[frabox.options.length] = new Option('Low Intermediate','3');
frabox.options[frabox.options.length] = new Option('High Intermediate','4');
frabox.options[frabox.options.length] = new Option('Advanced ','5');


<select name="PRLO" id="PRLO" class="text" onchange="setOptions(document.formTwo.PRLO.options[document.formTwo.PRLO.selectedIndex].value);" >
<option value=""></option>
<option value="1" >China</option>

<option value="2" >France</option>

<option value="3" >Spain</option>

<option value="4" >Italy</option>

<option value="5" >Japan</option>

<option value="6" >Australia</option>

<option value="7" >South Korea</option>

<option value="8" >Germany</option>

<option value="9" >United Kingdom</option>