View Full Version : Browser Weirdness - Firefox works, IE doesn't. Please Help!

03-11-2007, 01:04 AM
I use the following code in one of my pages to setup and start a game server. It works fine in Firefox, but hangs for 5-10 minutes in IE before continuing on past the pclose($f); part.

$f = escapeshellcmd("gamerunner.exe -map ".$map." -game ".$game." -time ".$time."");

$handle = popen("$f", "r");
if(!$handle) {
echo ("Error launching server..");
Server is launching..

I am still a novice PHP programmer, pls help!? :cool:

03-11-2007, 07:33 AM
Just looking at the code, my first question is: What kind of web server are you using? I'm guessing it's either Apache or IIS... but you should do some research on how 'escapeshellcmd()' works on both. I haven't used the function before, but if you haven't researched how it works on the server, it should be your first priority.

03-11-2007, 07:16 PM
You Should Echo The:

Server is launching..

Then is there's an error, It will look cleaner!

Havent got an answer to your other question! Sorry!

03-11-2007, 10:06 PM
No, no error. It works (sorta - see below). I am using XP Pro, Apache, PHP..

Internet Explorer 6.x+ hangs until it thinks the process has timed-out or finishes. But Firefox works fine, it continues beyond the "Server is launching" to the rest of the page (which is not in the code above, as it's just html).

With both browsers, it correctly launches my server app. I am just wondering why IE is hanging for an ungodly amount of time before it continues displaying the rest of the html on my page.