View Full Version : Help required in ASP. Please guide me as soon as possible.

03-09-2007, 07:19 PM
Hello sir,

This is Sujith, student from UIC.

I am working on an online form with user authentication page using ASP and using MS access database.

So i am done and everything is ok when I am doing on my computer i.e the data entered through form is being updated to the database in of my drives of computer.

But when i put the files and the database on the server.
Its giving the error like:

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL

Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.uic.edu Port 80

so when I changed to "GET" method, the error has gone but the asp page code is appearing when i click on the submit button of the Authentification page i.e the ASP page is not getting executed.

So i am unable to deal with either of GET or POST.
I am struck here.

Even I put the database on to the server and the path is also right i guess.

I am sending the code and the links. Please help me as soon as possible.


Thanks in advance.


03-10-2007, 06:06 AM
Does the server allow the POST method?
Does the server support ASP?

03-10-2007, 11:19 AM
Try running an ASP test page:

<%Response.Write "Test"%>
It seem that your server doesn't support ASP.