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03-08-2007, 05:59 PM
Hello Folks,

We're starting a new and exciting, grand webproject based on web 2.0 technology
Url: www.black.fm
Topic: black radio and social community
We have a fully working, 100% successful concept of our site with several unique functions and offers.

What we need is a trustworthy, reliable, motivated coder, who's good in PHP and mysql-databases.
We also need a 3D-Graphics-Designer, because we have innovative marketing-plans in second life and entropia universe.

It would be perfect if you are good in both:
php/mysql and graphics, but it's not a must.
No cash upfront but a greater reward - Full-valued EQUAL partner of our
team and start long-term earning and share in the limelight as we make history adding great value to peoples lives.

Please contact with breif CV details to my email address asap
We have already began and intend to go live within 6 months.
These project is also Fun! and lots of Music!