View Full Version : IE & select onchange

03-06-2007, 03:49 PM
so I have this very simple line of html

<select name = "myselect" id = "myselect" onchange="myfunction();">

Works perfectly in firefox, calls the function and runs it perfectly.... however in IE it says 'Object doesn't support this action' pointing at that line of perfectly simple html. So I figured the problem was in the function itself. So I rewrote the function to be just

function myfunction()

and I get the same error.... what am I doing wrong?

03-06-2007, 04:09 PM
Error number in IE is misleading. The error might be somewhere else in the code.

03-06-2007, 04:35 PM
I think the problem might be that it didnt like the function name.... it was called children :(

03-06-2007, 04:38 PM
Might be a reserved word in IE. Try changing it to something else.