View Full Version : Passing variables via link to xml/xsl.

12-03-2002, 05:12 PM
Ok here is my problem.

I am designing a small commercial website that is intended
to be compact and easy to browse. As a result I have designed
it so far so it all fits on one page.

I have a large (but not overly massive) amount of data I want
to show to represent items to be sold. I am doing the browsing
from a menu. This data will be shown in an <iframe> I have in
the page, whose src I intend to alter via the menu click. What
I originally intended to do was to have large xml files which
would hold each section's data. An xsl file would of course
transform this to displayable data in the iframe island. My
question is this though, can I pass a name through the menu,
to pass to the xsl file so it knows what individual data to
look for, to transform?

In HTML it is obvious, blah.com/blah2?name=fluffy etc., but
what is that syntax when dealing with xsl/xml?

I realize this may be a stupid question, and whilst I have
done some work in xml/xsl, and read a lot about it, and learned
a fair amount, I have never seen this written down anywhere. So
I'm risking looking stupid :)

Thank you,


Alex Vincent
12-05-2002, 03:10 AM
Should be the same. That's controlled not by HTML, but by HTTP. :cool: