View Full Version : Counting levels on adjacency based table

02-23-2007, 06:12 PM
Hi :)

Does anyone know a single query that could successfully count the number of levels in a table based on the adjacency model?

By "number of levels", I mean the number of LEFT OUTER JOIN that needs to be used in a query such like this one :

level0.cat_ID AS level0_ID, level0.cat_parent_ID AS level0_parent_ID, level0.cat_name AS level0_name,
level1.cat_ID AS level1_ID, level1.cat_parent_ID AS level1_parent_ID, level1.cat_name AS level1_name,
level2.cat_ID AS level2_ID, level2.cat_parent_ID AS level2_parent_ID, level2.cat_name AS level2_name,
level3.cat_ID AS level3_ID, level3.cat_parent_ID AS level3_parent_ID, level3.cat_name AS level3_name
FROM ecom_categories AS level0
LEFT OUTER JOIN ecom_categories AS level1 ON level1.cat_parent_ID = level0.cat_ID
LEFT OUTER JOIN ecom_categories AS level2 ON level2.cat_parent_ID = level1.cat_ID
LEFT OUTER JOIN ecom_categories AS level3 ON level3.cat_parent_ID = level2.cat_ID
WHERE level0.cat_parent_ID IS NULL
ORDER BY level0_name, level1_name, level2_name, level3_name