View Full Version : Changes to Script to allow pictures to open on page in front of the DHTLM menu

Feb 20th, 2007, 07:25 PM
I have a page which has several javascript codes. I have inserted a DHMTL menu on the page and also a picture javascript which when you click on the link of a picture that picture then opens on the same page in front of the rest of the page. The problem i have is that when the picture opens up to full size in front of the rest of the page the DHTML men stays in front of the open picture. I need the menu to be in front of everything on the page apart from the pictures which open out when clicked. Please could someone help me with what changes I can make to the script to allow for the pictures to open out in front of the DHMTL menu.

You can see the page and the problem on this link:


I would like to make the menu static so it does not move down the page and also to be hidden behind the open pictures but in front everything else. If you click on the picture link you will see the problem.

You can right click on the webpage to get the source of the page if required.