View Full Version : Page Loading within a Frameset

Feb 19th, 2007, 03:48 AM
I have a window divided into 4 seperate frames
each frame streams media,
and has the option to pop-up inot a larger image

whichever image has popped up, enlarged
the page in the frameset will go to about:blank
such that the application would not be streaming two exactly the same data to two seperate windows

when the popUp is called via window.open,
the corresponding frame image is set to about:blank

from the main window:

function enlarge() {
switch (dest){
case "14":
top.frames['camera1'].location.href = "about:blank"
case "25":
top.frames['camera2'].location.href = "about:blank"
alert("No camera selected")
when closing the window,
from the popUp window:

function winClose() {
opener.top.frames[0].location.href = 'test21.htm'


the first alert shows "about:blank"
the second alert then shows the full address for the selected file
but in my window, the frame is empty.......

so even though the src has been set
and the alert shows that
the page in the frame is empty

i have tried just location instead of location.href
have tried frames['camera1'], frames[0]
also tried opener.top.camera1.location.href

its just that checking opener.top.frames[0].location.href shows the correct address
but why will the page not load?

if i then go to that page and 'view source'
i end up with the index page showing me the frameset layout instead of test21.htm

are my references incorrect?

Feb 20th, 2007, 01:37 AM
i have resolved the problem
the page was pointing to the right source
as the alert shows

however, there was a conflict with the file output
which was why it was drawing blank pages

it works fine now
though i still dont understand why when viewing source it brought up the index page