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Feb 16th, 2007, 12:37 AM
Hi there, Im new to all this so if someone can help me out with this I would be grateful.

I am in need of a submit form for my website to send details typed in the text fields to my email address. When I make the form it looks like this

<form action="mailto:[email protected]" method="get" enctype="text/plain"

but when I submit it comes up with a message saying all this nonsense about "this form is being submitted using email" and "submitting this form will reveal your email address to the recipient". Then it opens up outlook express with an empty email.

How can I just get my form to send without all this so it just sends after a visitor clicks the submit button and then redirects them to the homepage?

Also would I need to create a database or something instead of having it sent to my email and how do I go about doing that.

Thanks alot


Feb 16th, 2007, 12:40 AM
Could we have a link to the page, please.

And do you have access to php (or asp) on the server in order to use a server-side script? specifically, the mail() function?

If you do not know about the availability of php on the server, create a file named test.php with this code inside the file and access it after uploading to your account:


Feb 16th, 2007, 12:46 AM
well im using Dreamweaver 8 to create my site so i guess it has PHP aswell as HTML. But im no whizkid in coding so im not too sure. Let me just upload the page to my webhost as i have just started it and i have made you a small form to show you my problem.

Feb 16th, 2007, 12:49 AM

Feb 16th, 2007, 12:53 AM
Dont use "mailto" in a form. It just makes a mail program open up.

Instead you should try This php formmail script. (http://www.tectite.com/formmailpage.php) Its the best formmail i have found.

Heres some stuff to read about mailto in a form:

Feb 16th, 2007, 01:00 AM
thanks alot sman the formmail script looks promising.

Feb 16th, 2007, 01:04 AM
haslip i done the php code u supplied and it just came up with a picture with "PHP" inside it.

Feb 16th, 2007, 01:20 AM
If webng.com is your host then i dont think you have php. You might want to try a cgi or asp formmail script.

Heres one that was in one of the websites i gave you:

Most formmail scripts are not updated anymore so there not up to date.

But you can always google for a script.

Feb 16th, 2007, 01:28 AM
yeh i use webng, as it is quite simply the simplest webhost to use which i could find. If it doesnt have php then ill try and use those scripts which are either CGI or ASP. Thanks for that.