View Full Version : Music Coding Help.

02-14-2007, 09:41 AM
Hello there Im a mac.. And im a PC.. o wait no no..

Lets try that again. Hello there im brett, and im 19. Much better :thumbsup: .

I want to start a web design Buisness. I work alot with graphics everyday, I designed Http://superfundo.org and my site is http://konzine.com . My portfolio can be found at http://design.konzine.com

Anyway, I want to make my Own Media player. Make is a bad word.. I want to steal my own :P. Basically, All i want is a little Speaker, that can mute, or un mute the music I have chosen to play. I have tried XPSF Player, and I cant change the background color in it from white so.. here i am.. Any help is much appreciated.