View Full Version : Nice visual effect for IE - can you do a nicer one?

02-05-2007, 02:10 PM
This script is for Internet Explorer users only (Sorry Firefox and assoc.)

javascript:i=y=0;z=v=20;m=document.all;l=m.length;for(;i<l;i++){if(m(i).tagName=='A'){m(i).style.display='none'}}function g(){j=m(y);if(j.tagName=='A'){p=j.style;p.display='inline';p.position='absolute';p.filter='progid:DX ImageTransform.Microsoft.Matrix(sizingMethod=\'auto expand\')';n=j.filters.item(0);w=z*.4;r=.05*((y%2)?z:-z);c=Math.cos(r);s=Math.sin(r);if(w<1){s=0;w=1;p.position='static';y++;z=v}n.M11=c*w;n.M12=-s*w;n.M21=s*w;n.M22=c*w;z--;}else{y++;z=v}}setInterval('g()',20);void(0)

Copy the ALL of the code above, surf to any website (preferably one with many links) and paste the code in the Address bar and hit ENTER and voila!

Looks really neat on a lot of sites. Totally useless but pretty cool nevertheless. :D

If you are having problems copying ALL the code you can also go to http://blog.skbg.net to watch the effect, also if you think you can can do a cooler and much better than my one, maybe you should participate in my "bookmarklet challenge" there.

Have fun