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11-29-2002, 02:06 AM

I have been looking through the archives for a script that I once saw here that allows a forward and back button which redirects the user to the next sequential page.

For example, if a user is on page5.html and they click "forward", the script will take them to page6.html. If they click "back" the script will take them to page4.html and so on. So no matter what page the user is on, by clicking next, the script basically adds 1 to the page name and sends them there whereas if they click back the script subtracts 1 from the page number and sends them there.

Have I explained this well ? Probably not! I hope someone remembers this script, or can direct me to it.

Thank you in anticipation.

See ya


11-29-2002, 02:12 AM
It's OK

I've just found it!!!! Persistance does pay off!

In case anyone else is interested, the page is


and the topic was called

"next" and "prev" code NEEDED!

Thank you to chrisvmarle and whammy !!!