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02-01-2007, 01:55 PM
1st iam sorry for my bad english
2nd i thanks you for trying to help me...

i have a site contain over 20000 font every font have image to it and name of it and the size of the file and link to download it,
i didnot know and think about php and mysql but when i desgin my site i make a visual basic program to make all files and image automatic and make all html pages for all 23000 font "i have it the original html desgin"

then after i work 2 days the program creat to me 1200 pages "SOOO BIG" but no way to change

i upload them and when i want to edit somne thing in pages i develop a vb6 program to edit in all this pages....BAD RESULT....
then now i want to change my site to PHPNUKE and make one page only for every charaters "a,b,c,d,..."
i learn some in php and dreamwaver...

now i have 3 questions they are :
1-if i have a mysql database and php file and i make the connection successfully and i want now to display 1st value in database how can i make it?,and then i want to point to next value and display it,how? in dreamwaver i can make one take have all values in database in one table but i want for example 1st and 2nd alphabetical value only.
2-if i have some variables in php page and i want to display them in the pages for example : if the user enter to page link this yyy.com/index.php?number=3;name=john
then the page which it will displayed is
your name is john with the number 3
3-how can i display the values from dadbase in alphabetical for example:
i add in name field: "bbb" then i add "kkk" then i add "aaa" how i can display "aaa" then"bbb" then "kkk"

thanks for all
to join the 3 questions in one my site is www.allfontz.com and i want when the user click to this link http://www.allfontz.com/a.php?from=0 the page load first 20 font from database alphabetical from tables "Name,Size,Link,Imagelink,Link2" to display this page http://www.allfontz.com/A/1.html
and if the user enter this link http://www.allfontz.com/d.php?from=20 it will display the fontsa from 20 to 40 from database alphabetical from d charcties

thanks for all and iam so sorry because it was a long question

02-02-2007, 01:20 PM
welcome here.
please read our posting guidelines --> http://www.codingforums.com/postguide.htm and especially the part about choosing descriptive titles.

best start a seperate thread for each of your questions + post the code that you already have. this is not a free coding service, so it's very unlikely that someone would read your request and then write you the code or would give an elaboprate explanation on ho to achieve what you ask.