View Full Version : firefox flicker and swf transparency issue

01-30-2007, 08:54 PM

Hi all I have encountred problem while using transparent swf on site I am developing.. The problem is only with firefox...when I try to click the link it starts to blink and is unclicable...well I figured out that when I place a small picture just below that div containing my swf it works correct.... well, well, but the other problem emerges when I would like to use second swf with transparency at the bottom .....well I would like to scroll the content like the entire page not an iframe or whatever , but I cant place there this workaround because it 1, doesnt work when its in a div
2, without div it is just an element and the iframe where I load my content aligns beneath it so it is off the screen....

Is there a problem using the background the way I do ??

Does also anyone know how to get rid of that flickering in firefox when I scroll content with images for example in "fotogalerie " ????