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01-29-2007, 03:46 AM
This is sort of long and it has to do with putting irregular sized Matrix data into mySQL. I have been struggling with it for a long time.. I am desperate.

Here's what the table looks like.
It represents a matrix of values.

- UID <! Unique ID
- Sheet_ID <! Sheet the data belongs to
- XIndex <! self explanitory
- YIndex <! self explanitory
- CellValue <! the value that will be in the input shown later

One sheet may have 3 rows of data and 4 columns

And another sheet may have 5 rows of data and 5 columns.

There is a max of 11 columns and 6 rows.

I wrote code to generate a sample form that goes like this...

print "<table border=1>\n";
for( $y = 0; $y <= $num_rows; $y++ ){
print " <tr>\n";

for( $x = $low_xVal - $inc; $x <= $high_xVal; $x += $inc){

if ($x == $low_xVal-$inc){ print " <td>" . $y . "</td>\n";
if ($y==0){ print " <td>" . $x . "</td>\n";}else{ print " <td><input name=\"matrix" . $x . $y . "\" type=\"text\" size=\"4\" /></td>\n";}
print " </tr>\n";
print "</table>\n\n\n\n";

That will draw out the matrix in the size that you tell it to...

What do I do when it comes time to insert those values into the table without doing it one by one.... Is there a way to loop and insert?

I am so lost on this.

01-29-2007, 04:21 AM
I figured it out... And just in case anyone else, I just ran a loop through $_POST["matrix" . $y . $x]; and it works...