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Nov 28th, 2002, 01:12 PM

I have a main window (an iFrame) called "iView". This allows users to submit text text.... I want them to be able to add some predefined text as well..... so they would click a link which opens up a new window with two sentances in it.


insert - "hello world"
insert - "testing123"

I can get these to be inserted as basic text using the following function:

function insertText(theText)
window.opener.iView.document.selection.createRange().text = theText;

then the sentance to insert would look like:

<a href="javascript:insertText('hello world');">Insert - hello world</a>


I want to have the text inserted to be formatted... so when the sentance is selected from the popup window, it would add


or something similar......
when I add the above formatting to the link, it doesnt seem to work.

so the link would look like:

<a href="javascript:insertText('<b>Hello</b><em>World</em>');">Insert - hello world</a>

Any ideas??


Mr J
Nov 28th, 2002, 05:15 PM
Not sure if I fully understand your question but.... is this something like what you are after?

function hmm(txt){

<a href="#null" onclick="hmm('Hello World')">Hello World</a><BR>
<a href="#null" onclick="hmm(' <b>Nice Day</b>')">Nice Day</a><BR>
<a href="#null" onclick="hmm(' <font color=\'Today\'>again</font>')">Today</a>

<div id="oDIV"></div>