View Full Version : MySQL connection help!!

01-28-2007, 08:09 PM
Hi Im getting fustrated and I need help plz with MySQL

my host: freehostia.com

Trying To Setup paFileDB, Yes I Have Everything Uploaded, Im Trying To Install it.. http://ultimatemedia.freehostia.com/DLDB/install and im am getting a connection error..

Error: paFileDB Error
paFIleDB encountered an error while running a database query and is unable to continue.

For technical assistance, please visit The PHP Arena support page.
mysql error: [1045: Access denied for user 'joecha10_chat'@'hex12.freehostia.com' (using password: YES)] in CONNECT(mysql3.freehostia.com, '****', '****', joecha10_chat)