View Full Version : better mailing script throught smtp and bounce

01-23-2007, 07:53 PM

we want better mailing script trought 2 step.

1. use SMTP to send emails (actually we use mail())
2. process bounce


1. we have try to write code for auth and use smtp but without success..

so, we need really simple class (few row) because we need hight customization..
Smtp must return 'for any email' and in reatime the error..

know you simple class for this (please not phpmailer or similar.. too big)

and any question:
>> when smtp meet an error there is 'ever' a bounce email ?
>> do you think smtp way is also a best (or better) choice to send a lot of email (350k or more) ?? (No telnet pls thx)

2. this is more simple. we log into mailbox and parse email.. have you any help to use best way to find bounce code ?

Any suggestion is really appreciated :)

Please note that we don't would use too big class or external mailing script (or framework)..
We would like better our work and study on this features :)

txx to all x help and suggestion