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01-14-2007, 04:53 AM

I normally don't use alot of javascripts on my sites but I am in need of a slideshow and it seemed the way to go. since I rarely use it I most often grab a freebie when I need one and that last time that happened was a few years ago.

anyhow, I need a slideshow that has a drop down box, play, stop, previous, next, zoom in and zoom out buttons. I found one from perlscriptsjavascripts.com that works perfectly for that but I also need it so that when you click on the image it takes you to a whole new page. that's where i"m stuck.

I have been searching for an answer all day and I"ve tried several different methods and nothing works. What should logically work is just not responding.

Here's what I "think" should work in this snippet of code:

// path to image/name of image in slide show. this will also preload all images
// each element in the array must be in sequential order starting with zero (0)
SLIDES = new Array();

SLIDES[0] = ["http://www.allcotrailers.com/images/js/04b.jpg", "Featured Equipment"];
SLIDES[1] = ["http://www.allcotrailers.com/images/various4.jpg", "http://www.allcotrailers.com/trailers/bd48.html", "Bottom Dumps"];
SLIDES[2] = ["", "Lightweight Bottom Dumps"];
SLIDES[3] = ["", "Transfers"];
SLIDES[4] = [""];
SLIDES[5] = ["", "End Dump"];

// end required modifications

all I did there was add the URL to where i want it to go but when I do that it stops the drop down menu from working and instead it becomes blank.

If you need me to post the whole code I can but it's heavy enough that I wasn't sure if I should post it in this initial post.

here's the url where you can see the slideshow as it's already set up.


p.s. I"m just starting this site so there ain't nothing there yet except the basic layout and the drop down box.

thanks in advance.

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