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01-01-2007, 06:38 AM
Hey All,

I recently redid the layout of my personal site in keeping with the calendar (new year, new layout). And so I need some opinions on the looks, usability, and etc.


All comments are welcome, good and bad.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Yes I know it doesn't even come close to passing with the W3 Validator!

01-01-2007, 12:12 PM
I like it.

Though, it seems to take for ever to load. You might need to reduce the number of images in the website.

Good Luck.

01-01-2007, 04:19 PM
Ya - that's the only problem with ImageReady Slices... it makes so many for even the simplest tasks! Thanks for the suggestion though.

P.S. What type of connection do you have & whats the speed?

01-01-2007, 05:03 PM
The page load time is fine for me (I have cable internet), although I can tell by the way that the individual images load that it probably takes a little too long to load for people with a slower connection.

You need to have text that is resizable. For these old eyes, that font is way too small. A related observation: Was the font size selected so that everything appearing on an individual page can appear above the "fold?" If so, that seems pretty restrictive. Why not stretch the bottom of the screen as long as necessary to have both resizable text and a decent amount of content per page? I have a similar complaint with the horizontal stretch. I have a large resolution browser, yet I'm being forced into a fixed width view of your site. Why not have the left and right sides of the screen defined as percentages? That would provide horizontal stretch without breaking your page design.

On the plus side, this is a pretty snazzy design. It just needs a lot more flexibility to really appeal to me.

01-01-2007, 05:53 PM
Thanks! To answer some of your questions....

-Yes, the text is meant to stay within the "fold" otherwise is messes up the rest of the images on the page. I might try and make it all one slice later and have it repeat as needed, would make more sense... but Im a little busy right now. I made the entire layout last night in 2-3 hours.

-As for the fixed width... You mean to say that it is giving you a predefined margin on either side in "x" pixels and not % relative to your screen size/rez? I will have to look into that a bit more... because I checked the code and it simply uses center tags to center all the content... thats odd! I will look into that.

-Thanks for the design part! I like it pretty good myself!

Thanks for all opinions and comments. If you give me a link I would be glad to return the favour!

01-01-2007, 09:46 PM
its ok

page seem ages to load

dont like snow flakes

01-04-2007, 09:21 PM
Any other opinions? [bump]

01-12-2007, 03:23 AM
Don't bump your thread just to get more reviews. If people want to review your site they will. You really only need about 19-21 total images for the whole layout not 39. Try using repeating backgrounds when you can. Lose the splash page. Its a waste of time.