View Full Version : getURL POPUP in actionscript

12-22-2006, 06:19 AM
Hello, I am trying to code this line to open a popup window instead for a new browser window (_blank). Ive tried and tried. So if your good at this type of thing please lelp me out. This code goes into a flash .as file and this is for a button that post data for an email script. You can see what i trying to do here, Have a look. THANKS

Original Code:
for_post_mc.getURL(o._parent.PHP_PATH+"share_video.php", "_blank", "POST");

What im trying to do:
for_post_mc.getURL("javascript:openNewWindow(o._parent.PHP_PATH+'share_video.php','popup','width=450,height=335,toolbar= no,scrollbars=no');", "", "POST");