View Full Version : Database Query... Novice Alert...No Idea Where to Turn...

12-18-2006, 10:21 PM

I'm creating a website for a student organization at my university. Basically, I have an Excel file with a list of contacts that the members of our organization need to be able to search on our website.

The only field that I need our members to be able to search is "contact location." So for example, a member might want to know if our organization has any contacts in Spain, so the member would type "spain" into the "contact location search" field" and would get results.

I really don't known where to turn... I need the easiest thing that would be manageable for a novice. It doesn't need to be an intense search function; just something to make the website functional (so it obviously needs to be uploadable to a server; the server has PHP capability...no idea if that has any relevance). I've been searching around all day and have come across potentials like PHP, SQL, XML, etc. but have no idea which way to turn... I have Office and Adobe Studio programs at my disposal.

Thank you all-powerful and all-knowing web gods! I owe you my deepest gratitude!