View Full Version : Help, looking for this javascript

12-18-2006, 07:33 PM

I'm looking for the javascript but I don't know what it call.
If anybody had idea of where I can find it I would really appreciated.

Basically, I am promoting affiliate program with incentivized product
which means, for example:
I'm getting $20 from the advertiser for the signup of the product and
at the same time, I'm giving away $10 (incentive) to person who signup,
so I have to keep track of that person who signup so I can pay to them.

one of the way to track that person, I want to use the javascript.

Let say, I have this URL for affiliate program.

The person who signup need to fill-in email address in the form field,
so I can track who signup.
So, URL became like this.

This way, i know the guy "mike@abc.com" signup for product "12345",
so I can pay $10 incentive.

Does anybody know this kind of script.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.