View Full Version : How to stop frames from collapsing when running lower res?

12-18-2006, 04:11 PM
Hello, first time poster here. I'm working on a website for my friend's band, and I've run into a snag. My question is probably a fairly easy one...
I'm wondering if it's possible for me to keep my frames on my site from "collapsing" when the browser window is shrank, or if the resolution is smaller than required to see the whole thing.

The reason I ask is because the layout of my site is one flowing image, and if it collapses the frame, the alignment is off then, and it looks stupid. Thanks for any help on this, here's the URL's you might need to see what I'm talking about...These URL's are only temporary test names for now, btw...

http://horrorhof.com/shadowwork/outerframe.html (that's the surrounding/buffer frame)

http://horrorhof.com/shadowwork/outerframe.html (the main frame within that)

http://horrorhof.com/shadowwork/shadowhead.html (the header)

http://horrorhof.com/shadowwork/shadowmid.html (the middle row which contains 3 columns)

http://horrorhof.com/shadowwork/shadowfoot.html (the footer)

Thanks so much for your patience and time in helping me out with this. Also, I seem to have a few random script/syntax errors in there that don't seem to cause a major problem, but show up on the status bar. For all the work going into the visual part of the page, it would seem silly if I couldn't get rid of those, any insight into where those problems lie would also be appreciated...

Dale -