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12-17-2006, 09:10 PM
I have two sections of my school website, one for study, one for plans. I have indexes for each, and links in the indexes that go to "journals." Sadly, for some reason, the plans one is working find, when I click on a link in the index it stays in the same category and then goes down, but the study one goes to my homepage. I'll try doing a diagram to help you guys out

The arrows represent a link I can click on:
(I took out the http b/c the site saw it as links and made them shorter - so you couldn't see what I'm about to point out)

Plans Section
linus.yhspatriot.net/cs/at/students/Folsom_Cai/2006/Plans -->

Study Section (Doesn't work)
linus.yhspatriot.net/cs/at/students/Folsom_Cai/2006/Study -->

Notice the problem is that in the first one, it stays in plans, but in the second one, it actually leaves Study, and goes to Folsom_Cai.

Here's the code for the plans index:

<li> 1st Quarter Plan (finished)</li>
<li><a href="1stQuarterPlan.html#Intro">Introduction</a></li>

Here's the code for the Study index:

<li>Week of 12-11
<li><a href="12-11.html#12-11">Thinking about the Classroom Code</a></li>

Here's where I define the name <a name=""> so it will go to a certain part of the page


<p><a name="Intro"></a></p>


<h3><a name="12-11"><span>12-11</span></a></h3>

thanx for any help, feel free to ask a question - i'll respond in this forum