View Full Version : Text in news ticker disappears when window resized (only when in fixed position div)

12-17-2006, 07:10 PM

So here is my first of two weird problems of the day...I am using an RSS news ticker script from www.tickermyfeed.com on the new site I am designing and it works fine if I put it in the body of my HTML or in a DIV that does not have a fixed position. In a fixed position DIV, however, the text in the script disappears when I resize the window. I know the script itself is still there because I can see the background color of the news ticker and even roll my mouse over links to different news articles and click on those links (even though I cannot see them).

Please see: http://www.leadershipinitiatives.org/philippines/dec7rsstickerstyle.html

To make it even stranger, the text only disappears sometimes, not every time that I resize the window. It happens on every browser but the newest version of Opera. On Mac Firefox and Safari the problem is worse. On PC IE and Firefox, the text still disappears but only when I make the browser window very small. Any ideas? Or any indications of another RSS news ticker script I could use which would work better?