View Full Version : Please help - move box up CSS

Dec 13th, 2006, 07:51 AM

If you go to my site www.ryanspahn.net you will see there is a white box that is at the bottom of the mainbox(if looking IE) or not fitting in the mainbox(Firefox). I want to move this box up just right below the scrolling picture scroll.

I have tried various things with no sucess. Anyone have any idea what CSS attribute and dimensions I should use? Im trying to make two columns within this mainbox.

Cheers, Chaser

Dec 13th, 2006, 11:48 AM
First of all, please clean up your document: link and script elements do not belong in the body, they should be in the head section of the document.
Also, it might be less confusing if your styles and scripts weren't scattered across multiple files for no appearent reason.

Concering the positioning: you can position a block next to other content by floating it: in your case, to the right. It has to be in front of the main content, source-order-wise, though, and you may have to make room for it by giving the main content a right margin (unless you want the content to wrap around the floated block).

Lastly, it would make it easier for people to help you out if the various sections would be clearly and identifiably marked by for instance some recognisable filler text ("This is the #contentbox div").